SAP Customer eXperience (CX)

1st & 2nd Generation Experience Builder / Demo's

The Experience Builder was built to allow anybody in SAP or associated partners to have the ability to present and show rich experience using products which are part of the SAP Customer Data solution.

Originally started with just Customer Data - CIAM & ECPM, the experience journey (demo) now incorporates Customer Data Platform, Emarsys and Qualtrics.

If this is your first-time using the experience build and demos it is highly recommended you check out the Training & Enablement first as this contains helpful tips and videos.

You require to define a theme for the customer experience.

Quick Tip - Demo CONF

CDC Demo Configuration

If you are new to the CDC Demos, you might not know about the ability to customize your demos. Back in 2015 I was given the task to create a Gigya Demo for Media, the 'Gigya Media' site, I decided rather than build a specific vertical site, I would build a framework which could be skinned for any vertical and/or any client, and that really gave us the basis of the Experience Builder we use today.

So, your demos you have A LOT of customization which you can do yourself, you can turn on and off features and integrations, change screen-sets and screen, and for those of you which are more advanced you can even connect your own CDC API Key, and MUCH MUCH MORE.

To open the Configuration Modal when you land on the demo site, open the bottom toolbar using the button bottom right of the screen and then choose the Config option.


Please make sure your browser has 3rd Party Cookies ENABLED. If you have any problems with loosing your session to the demo portal or to the actual demo, this potentially is down to the blocking of 3rd party cookies which are starting to be set by default in browsers.

If you have any problems with the portal or the demo, first, try a HARD REFRESH to hopefully fix the problem.

DEMO Notes

Always check your site before the meeting with the client.

Once you choose a theme you will always bypass this screen during the demo. Use the 'Bottom Toolbar' on the site to get back here to change theme or

3rd Generation Experience Builder

Currently as a SAP Partner you wont have access directly to the supporting material for the 3rd Generation Experience Builder. Please contact John Lilley to request access.

What if you could do CX Demos on a Clients Real, Live Site? If we could present our story, our customer journey but have it working and running directly on the clients website. That is what the 3rd Generation Experience Builder provides, the ability to run your demos working on the clients live site and presenting back to them. Pretty cool stuff!

So, I started working on a way to incorporate the CX Demo Framework into clients live sites, which gives the ability to

  • Show our demo, our story, on a Real / Live Client Site(s).
  • Show Customer Data - CIAM on the clients live site.
  • Show activity on the clients live site going to Customer Data – CDP.
  • Have an Emarsys Campaign & Email go to the clients site.

To utilise and use, I wrote a Tampermonkey script which when run on the clients site will embed the demo into the real site. Check out the videos below for the overview and seeing it in action

Important Notes
  • This DOES NOT REPLACE the 1st and 2nd Gen Demos, this is an ADVANCED version to show more immersed demos on clients real-sites, as and when it is needed.
  • This approach might not work on all sites!
  • This requires you to install the Tampermonkey browser extension.
  • It is not a requirement to be technical but the more technical knowledge you have the easier using the script will be (e.g. HTML, CSS, JS, etc.).
  • Requires more setup and, with lots of moving parts, allot more can go wrong :-P
  • The script is flexible and can be extended as needed.
  1. The Clients Site (domain) needs to be white-listed in CDC (Gigya SA Demos > > Site Settings).
  2. The Clients Site (doamin) needs to be white-listed in CDP (CDP-PSA > Production > Sources > Application: Web-Client).
  3. If you want CUSTOM CDP Activities, create these in the Sources > Application: Web-Client application in CDP.
  4. **IMPORTANT** - Choose your story and journey and know your click-through for the site and what Porfile you are wanting to show in CDP.
PREP Tamermonkey Script - CONFIGURATION
  1. CDC Screens - Bind elements in the clients site to CDC Screens 'vars.cdc.selectors' (e.g. Login, Registration, Profile Management etc.)
  2. CDC Modals - If you want to display any custom modal the framework uses, define at 'vars.cdc.modals'
  3. CDP Activities - Bind selements in the clients site to CDP Activities. Some 'Pre-Build' activites are avilable, else, you can create your own 'Sources > Application: Web-Client'
PREP Tamermonkey Script - Script_CUSTOM (Optional / Extended)
  1. CDC Variables - You can set CDC varieles which the Demo Framework uses. Search for 'CDC Framework Variables' and place the variables there.
  2. STYLE - If the site has styling issues, or the framework has styling issues, use this section to to inject CSS into the page. Search for 'CUSTOM STYLE' and write you css there.
  3. CODE - This script contains a section called 'custom' for any custom JS you want to write. Search for 'CUSTOM CODE' and write you JS there.

Customer Data CIAM & ECPM (aka CDC) - Leader in CIAM

The CDC platform is a best-of-breed CIAM (Customer Identity Access Management) and ECPM (Enterprise Consent Management Platform) which was built from the ground-up to help business connect with their customers, identify them and build trusted relationships built on a First-Party Permission Based Profile. SAP and CDC is seen a a leader in the CIAM space by Forrester.

  • CDC CORE Deck

    This is my CORE deck for CDC, which, I try to keep up-to-date and has EVERYTHING in it. The purpose is to take the deck and then use the parts needed for any presentations which you might have.

  • Administrative Console

    Account: SAP CX Demos

    Site Group: (ID = 250837322148)

  • Help Portal

    For product documentation please visit the SAP Help Portal.

Common Business Drivers

  1. Increase Prospect & Customer Acquisition
  2. Acquiring Accurate Customer Data (1st Party Permission-Based Data)
  3. Driving Engaged Personalized Experience (Customer Experience)
  4. Solving SSO Challenges (Multiple Entry-Points, Multiple Brands)
  5. Breaking Customer Data Silos (Marketing, Sales, Service, etc.)
  6. Data Privacy Compliance (e.g. GDPR, PDPA, APPA, etc.)

Features & Functionaity Overview

Technology Overview

Infrastructure Overview

Customer Data CDP - Unify Customer Data

The SAP Customer Data Platform helps businesses better serve their customers by connecting many types of customer data, so as to deliver omni-channel experiences. CDP connects customer data from a multitude of sources and organizes and presents the data so that it is easier to understand what the customer is doing, when the customer is doing it, and if applicable, why the customer behaves in a certain way. The SAP Customer Data Platform provides the tools to deliver an improved customer experience, while maintaining the customer’s rights to data privacy.

Activity Simulator

MyStore EPoS Simulator

Customer Data Managament Overview

Features & Functionaity Overview

Solution Architecture

Emarsys - The Only Omnichannel Platform

Emarsys integrates natively into all your marketing and commerce channels. This means that marketers can build sophisticated omnichannel campaigns all from within a single platform.

Qualtrics - Experience Management

Listen on every channel, get powerful recommendations, and take action automatically. Design the experiences people want next, and continually improve every experience. Easy market research. Over 250 templates. Save time. Data driven decisions.

Passwordless Made Easy

If you have noticed this button pop up in your demos, don’t be worried, this is OwnID. OwnID is a new revolutionized passwordless way to identity yourself and register/login to an application, and its so easy and so cool, all done via your mobile phone. Scan the QR Code on your phone, confirm, and that’s it, you are done.

The Phone is the Key, Users’ authentication keys are cryptographically stored on their phone and are used to log in on any device.

OwnID is an SAP Partner and built by Gigya’s founders, allows users to sign in with their phone biometrics.

Please be aware OwnID does come at an additional cost, please contact Colin Eastman (VP of Sales) for further information and help with your opps.

Please promote OwnID with current and new clients, its a really cool feature.

Training & Enablement

There is a lot to learn and I know when it comes to Customer Data and doing a full end-to-end demo there are A LOT moving pieces. Check out the material put together which will hopefully help.

Tutorial - Standard Demo Process:
  1. Prospect Acquisition and Nurturing: Lite Registration
  2. Subscription Management: Lite Preference Centre
  3. Customer Acquisition: Full Registration
  4. Privacy & Consent: Customer Consent
  5. Progressive Data: Progressive Profiling
  6. Personalized Experience: Personalization
  7. Consistent Experience: Single Sign-On
  8. Self-Service Management: Profile & Consent Preference Centre
  9. Unified Customer Profile: CDC Profile

Demo Portal Release Notes

Help & Support

Hopefully you are using the CDM Portal & Experience Builder and are getting benefit from using it.

The experience builder and demos evolves based on what people need and presenting across the globe. So please feel free to reach out if there is anything you want to see in the demos which is not currently available.

If you have any questions, queries, or feature requests which will help and assist in the presentations you are running, please feel free to reach out to me.

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